NetApp StorageGRID – Understanding Erasure Coding and Information Lifecycle Management

Erasure Coding (EC) and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) aren’t unique to StorageGRID. They’re ubiquitous to the object storage landscape, underpinning concepts like RAID and compression. Yet if you’re unfamiliar with the architecture these concepts might be confusing at first glance. The hope with this post is to cover these concepts, not only in direct relation to StorageGRID, but in a way that can apply globally. A Quick Intro to Object Storage Objects are a data storage methodology going back several decades. The general idea is instead of creating and maintaining a hierarchical file system the file/chunk of data/block is packaged[…]

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A quick introduction to NetApp’s StorageGRID

Before I go further it’s best to have an understanding of object storage. The analogy I hear quite a bit, and now tell myself, equates object storage to valet parking. Well, magical valet parking. Using traditional file storage is like using your average self park lot. You find a place to put your car, you put it there, and you’re responsible to remembering where you parked it and retrieving it for later. Object storage comparatively like valet parking. You drop your file off, get a ticket, and use that as a reference to for the valet to find the file[…]

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