An Introduction to Unity, EMC’s New Storage Array

EMC is rolling out a new SAN array lineup called the EMC Unity. At a high level the Unity comes into two main flavors, all flash and hybrid, and support fibre channel, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS/SMB. It’s a mid-tier array, destined to supplant higher level VNXe arrays, and lower level VNX2 arrays. Specifically, the VNXe 3200 and VNX 5200, 5400, 5600, & 5800. As for right now I’m not aware of any plans to depreciate those arrays so if you’ve just picked one up or aren’t ready to jump into some cutting edge EMC tech then no need to worry.[…]

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Licensing an Avamar System

Here’s the procedure to add a license to an Avamar server as of 4/1/2016. This only needs to be ran on the Utility node, is non-disruptive, and takes very little time. The only delay you might run into is reviving the relevant info, and the license itself, from EMC. Generating a License Key Information File Start by opening a SSH session into the utility node as the admin user and run the following commands. cd /tmp ssh-agent bash ssh-add ~admin/.ssh/admin_key Enter the admin_key password if promoted (default is P3t3rPan). gathergsankeydata After you run gathergsankeydata you will be promoted to two[…]

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An Introduction to EMC’s DSSD D5

  Just when you thought EMC was done with alphabet soup acronyms and on to starting everything with a V or X along comes the DSSD D5.  DSSD is a company acquired by EMC back in 2014 and their “D5” is an all flash storage array geared toward super IO intensive workloads. It’s new system that’s been in development for awhile so you may not see a lot of features you would find on other all flash arrays. Instead it’s been built from the ground up as a “go fast machine” that connects to Linux hosts via PCIe Gen 3.

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