Cribl – A Long Ass Beginners Introduction

Welcome to the first of what’s likely to be a series of blog articles about Cribl. Don’t know what Cribl is? That’s okay, neither did I a few weeks ago. It’s something I found very interesting and valuable, and those of you who know me personally recognize my need write things down as part of a self education exercise. Gotta do something to make roots in the mind an engineer pulled six ways from Sunday. So what is Cribl? Well I’m going to cheat and ask what ChatGPT thinks first… Me > Tell me about Cribl ChatGPT > Cribl is[…]

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NetApp Cloud Insights – ONTAP EMS Alerting & Dashboard Widgets

Back in December 2021, NetApp’s Cloud Insights (CI) added support for ONTAP’s Event Management System (EMS) alerts. I don’t know how many possible EMS alerts there are but the event catalog is only a meager 2229 pages long. From what I understand the CI team worked with the ONTAP engineering team to highlight the 75-100 or so alerts are really impactful on a day-to-day basis. For this article I just wanted to quickly highlight how to check the EMS logs and show how to create simple dashboard widgets to display them. Log Explorer Now under Queries you can create and[…]

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Intro to Autonomous Ransomware Detection and Mitigation in ONTAP 9.10.1 and Later

With the release of ONTAP 9.10.1 comes a new feature built into ONTAP, anti-ransomware detection. What it Does One of the concerns of a ransomware attack is the lack of visibility, which directly impacts response time. If ransomware kicks off overnight, or over the weekend it could be hour or days before anyone knows what happens. For archive environments it could be even longer with disastrous consequences. Anti-ransomware detection in ONTAP is built on file system analytics and uses “machine learning” to detect possible ransomware attacks on NAS. The first thing it’s looking for is whether the incoming data is[…]

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