NetApp ONTAP Cloud in Azure – Full Deployment Guide

Intro Welcome to my quick guide on deploying NetApp’s ONTAP Cloud into Azure. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, ONTAP Cloud is NetApp’s ONTAP software, as see on FAS and AFF equipment for many years, now available in AWS and Azure. By running ONTAP Cloud you can gain the same efficiencies and software features available on a traditional hardware platform in your cloud infrastructure. There are many benefits of presenting storage via ONTAP Cloud, such as using its deduplication abilities to lower costs and SnapMirror to easily replicate data between hyperscalers. Every ONTAP Cloud deployment starts with OnCommand Cloud Manager.¬†OnCommand[…]

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An Introduction to EMC’s DSSD D5

  Just when you thought EMC was done with alphabet soup acronyms and on to starting everything with a V or X along comes the DSSD D5.¬† DSSD is a company acquired by EMC back in 2014 and their “D5” is an all flash storage array geared toward super IO intensive workloads. It’s new system that’s been in development for awhile so you may not see a lot of features you would find on other all flash arrays. Instead it’s been built from the ground up as a “go fast machine” that connects to Linux hosts via PCIe Gen 3.

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