Data Domain: DDOS Replication Version Compatibility Matrix (through DDOS 6.0)

For, I presume silly reasons, EMC hasn’t updated their public facing documentation pertaining to Data Domain’s system-to-system replication compatibility matrix (in relation to the various DDOS releases)(what a mouthful)(phrasing). Their public facing doc, KB459943, only covers up to DDOS 5.5. Here’s the updated chart, straight from EMC, now covering DDOS 5.6, 5.7, and 6.0*. As […]

Licensing an Avamar System

Here’s the procedure to add a license to an Avamar server as of 4/1/2016. This only needs to be ran on the Utility node, is non-disruptive, and takes very little time. The only delay you might run into is reviving the relevant info, and the license itself, from EMC. Generating a License Key Information File […]